Amsterdam for two days

From Morocco I quickly pop into the UK only to immediately re-direct to a new destination. It’s off to Amsterdam which is always a fun place to visit. Home of Heineken, canals, and loads of bicycles. I rented a lovely small flat through which has turned into my goto travel site. Using this service I get to stay in awesome locations at a fraction of a hotel cost. When I arrive I quickly notice to crisp fall air. It’s late so I get to bed. I’m up at 5:00 am and quickly neck a large coffee before adorning my running gear. I like to understand my neighborhood wherever I end up which usually involves running in a spiral so I can map the streets near my base of operations. I get trapped on one side of a canal or another but it was a wonderful run dodging bikes and pedestrians weaving across narrow sidewalks. The trip is short but I enjoy a few good meals before returning back to the US.

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