Morocco – The Conclusion


There is no simple way for me to wrap up what my journey through Morocco was like. I wanted very much to be able to draw on previous experiences to help develop a sense of familiarity with it but the reality is that Morocco is not classifiable. It exists on its own in a complicated and romantic landscape. I found it to be simultaneously wonderful, un-hygienic, charming, hospitable, smelly, difficult, warm, dry, and rich. For one, the women were much more emotional than I anticipated. Frequently taking time out of their day to thoughtfully and carefully prepare amazing meals and share in family gossip. The men were full of brotherly love which I can relate to. Without a doubt Moroccans definitely understand the meaning of hospitality. It’s impossible to compliment something without being gifted the possession. Moroccans are deeply passionate about their religion and family — and I leave this place feeling enriched and ready for new experiences.


For a country many would call dry as a bone Morocco possessed a myriad of different and beautiful vistas unlike anything I have ever seen. I will definitely go back and look forward to warm greetings and savory tagines.

I’m incredibly grateful and proud of my sister and her amazing work with the Peace Corps. Thanks for letting me share a small glimpse into your life.



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