Morocco Part 8 – Agadir


Agadir is a sizable city along the southern coast of Morocco. It was knocked over by an earthquake in 1960 and even though it was completely reconstructed finding a proper hotel is not easy. It kind of feels how I imagine Cancun was in the early 1980s. It’s tacky and missing the Moroccan authenticity I’ve come to appreciate. This is probably because it’s almost entirely occupied by Eastern European bi-pedal beluga whales.

After a quick jog along the boardwalk my father, sister, and I enjoy a cold beer on the beach which seems strangely out of place. It’s almost impossible to find alcohol in Morocco and when you do it’s hard not to almost feel ashamed when imbibing. The mass of intoxicated Russians dulls any apprehensions I develop about insulting the locals though.

One of the highlights has to be the extremely awkward and entertaining pool side aqua aerobics led by a slender young arab man. Two dozen obese women follow his lead and gyrate to techno music at 11:00 AM sharp. After thirty minutes of splashing the pool bar opens and everyone takes a break to refresh themselves.

If you find yourself in pub surrounded by foreigners and Moroccan women dressed in revealing clothing it’s not because they have recently chosen to live a western life-style. There is an unusual amount of both male and female prostitution in Agadir. It’s common to see young Arab men walk the beach hand in hand with older women from distant shores, happily skipping through the waves. This scene is juxtaposed by screaming seagulls and the distant call to prayer.

While I can’t say Agadir was my favorite place it was pleasantly warm and I enjoyed seeing a different side of Morocco.

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