Gearup — Packing for a walkabout.


3 pairs of sunglasses. Running and casual.

1 Seattle Sounders hat.

1 wool beanie.

6 pairs of socks.

5 pairs of antimicrobial underwear (Exofficio).

2 pairs of jeans.

1 pair convertible REI pants.

1 head lamp.

2 casual shorts (Chubbies and Lacoste).

2 Nike running shorts.

3 running t-shirts.

1 pair of  Nike running pants.

1 pair of Brooks Ghost Gore-Tex running shoes.

1 Nike running jacket.

2 JCrew polo t-shirts.

1 long sleeved shirt.

1 JCrew sweatshirt.

1 Helly Hansen rain coat.

1 First Ascent jacket.

1 Quick dry Volcom swimsuit.

1 pair of Quicksilver flip flops.

1 SeaToSummit antimicrobial towel.

1 first aid kid.

1 Steripen.

1 BPA free Nalgene bottle.

2 Platypus collapsable water bags.

1 container of Nuun electrolyte tablets.

1 Nikon Coolpix Waterproof/Shockproof/GPS camera.

1 2lb bag of protein powder.

1 12 oz bag emergency ground coffee.

1 hiking trowel.

1 Emergency blanket.

1 MSR high altitude cooking set.

1 MSR backpacking kitchen set.

1 Amazon Kindle.

1 Eddie Bauer camping pillow.

1 Sleeping bag, rated to 0 degrees.

1 Exercise band.

1 Deck of cards.

1 Macbook Pro for writing.

1 Unlocked iPhone 5 for emergency calls only.

1 Garmin GPS Watch.

Assorted spices (curry powder, seasoning salt, garlic powder, cumin, red-pepper flakes, oregano, basil, thyme, etc).

Perfectly packed this collection of valuables fits neatly into an 80L Gregory backpack.

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