It’s time for a walkabout

Over the past decade I have developed a deep technological dependence. I chronically check my email and suffer from a terrible case of self diagnosed ghost phone leg disease (which apparently is a real thing). I religiously monitor all my notifications and average between 150-250 messages a day. Once every few weeks I peel my eyes off an illuminated screen long enough to rest my corneas. When I’m not jacked-in my hobbies include fly fishing, running, and basically any outdoor activity (experiences which have been benched until now).

My career has been the best learning experience of my life but I’ve been seriously struggling with what defines success, happiness, and peace for me. I can’t seem to unplug even when I’m home, with friends, or on vacation. So in keeping with ancient traditions I’m heading on a walkabout; a ritualistic journey of self-discovery undertaken typically by aboriginal men during their adolescence. I’m borrowing from this practice to create some space in my mind with the intention of learning how to cope with myself and a technology infused lifestyle.


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